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Titre de la chanson : Birth Control

Birth control, Its the only way to save your sole,
when you're coming into your girl's hole,
Oh I believe in birth control

Suddenly, there's a shotgun hanging over me
It's an unexpected pregnancy, yes I believe in birth control
Why I had to come I don't know, she wouldn't blow
I stayed in to long, now I long for birth control.....

Syphillis, It just started with a little kiss?
Feels like razor blades when I piss Oh I believe in Syphillis

Dysentery, keeps me sat upon the lavatory,
it just keeps on falling out of me, Oh I believe in dysentery.

Leprosy, there are pieces falling off of me,
I'm not half the man i used to be Oh I believe in leprosy

Gonorrhoea, it just started with a little queer,
Now its umbrella's that I fear, Oh I believe in Gonorrhoea

Scrum pox, it just started with a couple of props.
Now its spread to the flankers and locks, Oh I believe in Scrum pox

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