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Titre de la chanson : Dr Seuss writes bwady verse

-- Whore in drawers
Whores in drawers, drawers on floors,
Fools with tools, cocks got pox.

Choosy floozies. Dozy doxies
Fool with tools and cocks get poxes.
Poxy doxies, foolish foxes!

Stunning cunts do cunning stunts,
On their backs and on their fronts.

Thatch round snatch, round rims of quims,
Round clits and slits and slots and twats,
Of juicy floozies, wet and hot.

Suck and fuck the cocks and dicks,
Beaux and bucks put pricks in chicks.

When a whore with a sore drops her drawers on the floor,
And lies flat on her back to show her warm wet twat,
Though your cock is like a rock, don't fuck - you'll get bad luck,
Cos her box has got the pox and will transfer it to your cock.

-- Riddle
Does a lesbian nun prefer women with dirty habits?
What do rabbits breed like if people breed like rabbits?
A yankee fanny is a rump, a British fanny is a twat,
And when a woman strokes her pussy, does she mean cunt or cat?

-- Frigid Bridget
This is the tale of frigid Bridget,
DiddleD herself with her middle digit,
Did it once, did it twice,
Diddled herself and it felt quite nice.

Her snatch met its match in Christy Cratch,
Who snuck his snake into her thatch,
Now all Bridget's girlfriends say,
That Bridget fidgets twice a day.

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