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Titre de la chanson : Juanita, the Mexican whore

She was the best whore Mexico ever produced,
Was famed through country and town,
She was wild and willing, fast and loose,
No man alive could peg her down.

Tales were told of One-eye Juanita,
There were stories quietly spoke,
Of how that cunning Senorita,
Was a whore that couldn't be broke.

When Juanita screwed, she screwed for keeps,
Few cowpunchers ever survived,
They were buried in pits and piled in heaps,
And the rest were cripples for life.

Down from Texas came Bullyboy Bob,
That crab-ridden roper of cattle,
With his sixteen pounds of aching knob,
And an appetite for battle.

Up to her shoulders she hitched her skirt,
And showed him her pube-lice crawling,
She diddled herself with a leather quirt,
Asked "Who d'ya think ya're fooling?"

Bullyboy laughed and flexed his tool,
Like an actor taking his cue,
"I've fucked wild bulls and an unbroke mule,
I've screwed much worse than you!"

Well all the cowhands found a seat,
And the rest they cursed their luck,
Stood by the whorehouse beating their meat,
Just to watch Juanita fuck.

Bullyboy Bob got himself stuck in
To Juanita's hairy snatch,
And though she flexed her practised quim,
That whore had met her match.

She tried the twist and the double bunt,
But the cowhand rode her still,
She tried all tricks what's known to cunt,
And set him a pace could kill.

She screeched like a wildcat on heat,
Bucked like a rodeo steer,
The boys were sat on the edge of the seat,
Cuz at last that whore knew fear.

At first it looked to be dead heat,
It looked an even match,
Bullyboy with his sixteen pound of meat,
And Juanita with her snatch.

But Bob was with her every twist,
Like a half-broke horse she bucked,
She fought damn hard, but he never missed,
Till at last that whore was fucked!

At last Juanita had to stop,
Her cunt was torn and tattered,
For Bob had nailed her to the spot,
And left his jism scattered.

Then Juanita gave a sigh,
As Bullyboy Bob withdrew,
She breathed her last and closed her eye,
And that was the last she knew.

In memory of that lice-bit whore,
And Bullyboy's epic ride,
They nailed her drawers to the shit house door,
To scare away the flies.

But Juanita had the final say,
When the Bullyboy died of syph,
They writ upon that cowpoke's grave
"Bullyboy Bob - forever stiff."

Every once in a while the desert shakes,
The tremors ring the whorehouse bells,
They say it's Bob and Juanita cause the quakes,
As the pair of them fuck in hell!

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