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Titre de la chanson : Buggery

-- Air : Tragedy [BeeGees]
-- Auteur : Parodie de Llewtrah, 2000

Here I stand in a lost and lonely toilet stall,
In the john, by a small hole in the wall,
Take me now, I just can't make it all alone
I really should be sodomised, sodomised,
Bugger me, bugger me!

Buggery - when the feeling's fine and it's from behind
It's sodomy - when you fill that hole with a meaty pole,
it's hard to bear, sometimes I think that my anus will tear,
Buggery - it's anal sex and my rectum's wrecked
It's sodomy - when I feel a wretch and my sphincter's stretched,
It's from behind, I need someone here who will sodomise,
Oooh - when the rent boy's gone and I can't go on ....

Anal style, an unnatural urge inside of me,
Butt spread wide with a yearning that won't let me be,
In my ass, hear me when I start to moan,
I really need some sodomy, sodomy,
Bugger me, bugger me ....

Chorus repeat.

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